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Here is a brief overview of the guidelines for our collection permit:

With its collection permit, the Danish Charity's Crescent has the right to collect via

SMS, Facebook, website, set-up of collection boxes. However, the collection permit

only applies to the erection of collection boxes, not personal inquiries with requests for

donations from people on the street, in shops, educational institutions or door-to-door.

The collection bucket must be emptied by at least two people together. The permit also does not apply to the physical sale of food, cake or things if it takes place in public places or corporate areas, except religious and private areas, such as a mosque or a garage, or if the sale takes place in connection with another already approved event. . It is permitted to accept donations via mobilpay or online banking if the numbers belong to the Danish Charity's Crescent and are written in a flyer or poster, as long as it does not appear that it is payment for something.

The purpose of the Danish Charity Crescent is to provide humanitarian assistance to orphans, the poor and at-risk families in disaster areas. Collections collected to the Collection Board according to new law JN no .: 01753.

The purpose of the association is to provide humanitarian assistance to the poor, disaster victims, refugees and others who may need it and especially to orphans in other countries. The association must, in collaboration with both Danish and foreign humanitarian and social organizations, contribute to the implementation of care and assistance programs with a view to health and well-being, social conditions and education.

The association's general activities are expressed in the following key objectives

a. to develop human societies, through an improvement of conditions in education, health and social services

b. to provide emergency assistance to people affected by natural disasters and social accidents

c. to meet the needs of orphaned children, including improving their health, psychological and social conditions.

d. to strengthen the cooperation between the association and similar organizations in order to keep abreast of the development of programs to fulfill the same purpose as the association's.

Collection permit and guidelines

Danish Charity Crescent is approved as an emergency aid organization by both police and tax authorities and is member of the Collection Organizations' Industry Organization ISOBRO with collection permit from the Collection Board.

We handle the fundraising task at and sets both practical, economic and ethical frameworks for how our collections must take place and be handled.